Welcome to the Surrogacy Center «Miracle Baby»!   

       There is our own base of surrogate mothers and egg donors in our center. The candidates to become surrogate mothers aged between 20 - 33 are absolutely healthy and psychologically prepared for the surrogacy. Each of them has strong and healthy children that have been delivered without caesarian section. Before the program, the Center arranges medical examination of any surrogate mother and egg donor.

       Our Center provides assistance for the patients from the very beginning of the program till the birth of the child (issue of the birth certificate). As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, we supervise a surrogate mother, inform the clients about the course of the pregnancy, make early arrangements with the maternity clinics, and prepare required documentation for the registration of the child after he/she is born.  

       The Surrogacy Program shall be valid upon signing the agreement between the genetic parents and Surrogacy Center.  First of all, this document makes provisions for assignment of a surrogate mother, and then, after selection of a candidate and her full medical examination, another agreement shall be signed between the parents and surrogate mother.

       The Agreement provides all rights and obligations of the Parties. As a part of the Agreement, a couple shall be responsible to guarantee the surrogate mother’s food, medical supervision, all medical services, accommodation if required. As for the surrogate mother, she is responsible to carry, deliver a child, and hand over him/her to the genetic parents. 

       In this case, the Surrogacy Center shall be a guarantor for the Agreements made and confidentiality of relations between a couple and surrogate mother.

Thus, we act as a guarantor of the Program in the areas as follows:

  • the cost of all services shall not change from the very beginning till the end of the Program;
  • compensation fee for the surrogate mother shall not change throughout the Program; 
  • all payments are made officially on behalf of the legal entity;
  • registration of a child in the Registry Office in favor of a couple.

We guarantee confidentiality! 

Let all your dreams come true!

If you have any questions or offers, please do not hesitate to call or write to us:

+7 (7172) 48 25 76, 

WhatsApp/Viber/mobile: + 7 707 888 06 78,

Skype: miraclebaby.miraclebaby,

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